Europe has been screwed over by NATO

Oh how clever the western leaders thought they were, and now we learn what a nuclear deterrent really is.

In Putins latest speech it is a big F you , you pawns of America from Russia with love to her neighbours in Europe.

Everyone picked on the weird kid at school and so he went and got a gun and some mates started a gang and all that the bullies could do is watch from afar knowing they were powerless to do anything about it.

That’s why Government don’t want us having guns. We will learn that one day

But back to Russia.

Putin has had enough of being treated like the weirdo of Europe and has made a very powerful speech which leaves no doubt that he is divorcing Russia from the troubled marriage with Europe.

Whilst the collective West runs around wearing the blue and yellow flags crying out “bad Putin,” they are about to learn what turning him into a mad Putin will mean. Mad as in angry, not lost his marbles.

Russia has seen enough of what the West has become and anyone who isn’t a frothy soy laté drinking eternally offended gender confused social justice warrior will know, the West has lost the plot.

While Russia is about to plunge the bulk of Europe into an energy crises that it will likely never fully recover from, the west is more concerned about hurty feelings on social media.

Kkids of the west are taught it’s okay to not be any specific gender and that the climate is in a crises, the East slowly removes the very CO2 producing commodities that the climate alarmist politicians rely on to power their nations. Irony anyone?

Those even dumber are claiming it’s a great opportunity to move from fossil fuels to green power. Good luck with that one. 4% of our energy needs come from wind or the sun. 80% from oil coal and gas.

Europe doesn’t have the small population that New Zealand has, nor the rivers and lakes to create enough hydro power, And even we aren’t close to being able to ditch fossil fuels with our abundance of land we can use. What chance does Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc etc have. Their only chance is nuclear. That’s it, and you can’t replace all that oil and gas with nuclear generation over night if at all.

Germany is in so much trouble that I doubt the yellow and blue flags will be too popular soon

“German Official Warns Of Gas Shortages, Bankruptcies, Massive Price Hikes That Will Send “Shockwaves Throughout The Country”

So here is what Putin has just announced


Top Ten Breakdown – as announced by Putin

  • The era of the unipolar world is over.
  • The rupture with the West is irreversible and definitive. No pressure from the West will change it.
  • Russia has renewed its sovereignty. Reinforcement of political and economic sovereignty is an absolute priority.
  • The current crisis shows the EU is not ready to play the role of an independent, sovereign actor. It’s just an ensemble of American vassals deprived of any politico-military sovereignty.
  • Sovereignty cannot be partial. Either you’re a sovereign or a colony.
  • Hunger in the poorest nations will be on the conscience of the West and Euro-democracy.
  • Russia will supply grains to Africa and the Middle East.
  • Russia will invest in internal economic development and reorientation of trade towards nations independent of the US.
  • The future world order, currently in progress, will be formed by strong sovereign states.
  • The ship has sailed. There’s no turning back.

It is obvious to anyone who cares to follow the geopolitical games, that a Russia regime change was part of the plan. A change to give the West better access to the huge nations vast resources has been in play for some time. Ukraine was the nation that has been used and abused by the West to attempt to make this happen.

Zelensky is just a pawn and a host to a proxy war between NATO and Russia. The poor Ukrainians have been treated as cannon fodder not to dissimilar to the ANZACS in World War I.

While we all encourage them with a Ukrainian flag on our social media image, replacing our “I got jabbed” for whoever you thought you were saving. All that has occurred is an out of his depth comedian is being told what to do and say, all the while freshly conscripted Ukrainians walk into certain death from a far superior foe.

Europeans are letting their collective leaders be lead down the path to hell by whoever is really in charge in the US . The collective West has now painted itself into a corner with no where to go but either convince everyone that we can win a nuclear war or sit down and lick its paws.

The media has told us that Putin has made a big mistake and he never expected Europe to be so united.

We are back to that stupidity that just because everyone is doing something, that it makes it a good idea. Just look how well that worked in the pandemic. Nations in lockstep locking down and killing their economy’s.

Just because everyone did it, doesn’t make it a good idea.

Inflation and food shortages arrived well before Putin decided to test Europe. The collective stupidity of countries that make up the Western Bloc, with its huge debts, printed money and inability to provide for its own energy needs, is waking up slowly to just how badly they have shot themselves in the foot with the Russian sanctions.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it certainly rhymes.

The Dutch handed over global superiority to the English after they spread themselves too far and wide had too much debt and couldn’t win the war for dominance, the English handed over to the USA after spreading too far and wide got too much debt and couldn’t win a war for dominance. Putin is certainly creating the catalyst for the end of the Wests dominance in currency and trade, he just set the trap and let the West take the bait.

We pretend the West are the good guys and the likes of Russia are the evil ones. Yet the most aggressive nations to ever exist are those very nations who claim to come in peace. The UK, the USA, Germany and depending how far back you want to go, you can add another few European countries in there that have collectively caused more carnage globally than most.

I imagine it will be some time yet before Europe realises, everyone is too excited about summer and being let out on holiday for the first time in two years. But summer is short in the Northern European countries and the winter of discontent will be there to great them.

The sad part is it was an easily avoidable own goal.

There will likely be a huge shift in who people will vote for in many countries. With the left taking a huge hit as people realise that feel good politics has no practical use in a dog eat dog world.

They were warned.

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