Europe is having a nice warm summer and the alarmists are out in force

It is easy to create hype when a populated area is having a nice warm summer.

Europe is very warm right now and the alarmists are out sharing memes about how can you deny climate change.

Just remember, the real climate change deniers are those who believe the climate didn’t change until CO2 started increasing.

That’s a true denier.

But back to the global situation.

The globe is 0.2 degrees C above the 1979-2000 average as at today. Antarctic is -2.5 degrees, and the southern hemisphere is -0.1 which is balancing out the warm European summer.

Always pays to look at the whole picture rather than a snippet of the globes weather.

The globe has been cooling now from the highs a few years ago. Not much news on that though is there?

There is no doubt that since we started satellite measurements in the late 70’s there has been a gradual warming of 0.13 deg C per decade. However the drop has occurred since the beginning of 2020 and no it isn’t because of lockdowns C)2 has increased at the same rate over the past few years.


The 2016 year reached the highest from the 1979 to 2022 record. June 2022 is o.o6 Deg C above the 30 year average.

So before you send your memes out decreeing Global Warming is getting worse. It isn’tMauna Loa CO2



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