Ex Journalists good riddance

After reading and listening to the hating journalists this morning, all putting the final boot in to Trump, as he prepares to avoid Biden’s Inauguration (can you blame him). I started thinking about how many of these journalists will be needing to find new work shortly

So many news outlets and scribes that specialised in beating up on Trump, that the Orange hating readers lapped up to justify their TDS, will now find that there is a huge void in desire to read their trash talk.

These vile pen pushers will now be left either trying to chase the shadows that are Trumps legacy or find another right wing celebrity leader to attack. Good luck with that.

I read a typical NZ herald “copy and past” Trump piece, by one of these soon to be unemployed Trump haters and the usual noxious comments where oozing out of the paragraphs without telling us anything of any value.

The story started with his apparent classless snubbing of Biden’s inauguration, moved on to calling his time as president a trail of destruction and then talks of a deep cleaning of the Whitehouse and the changing of the mattresses. As though this is a bigger cleaning job required than say that of Bush’s to make way for Obama or any other change of President for that matter.

Well good riddance to the Journos that find the departure of Trump comes with the void of their own relevance. When they realise it was Trumps existence that paid their bills.

Should we cry out “don’t hire them” like all the lefties out there are saying about those who worked for Trumps administration? The answer is no, but I will not be shedding any tears if these wordsmiths find they have now got nothing to write about any more.

The void in this junk journalism, that would have been better suited for a monthly magazine at the back of a dirty book store, will be the best part of Trump’s departure in my humble opinion.

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