Fables of the Forlorn

In a lifetime we all wear many hats.  One of my many hats was a role I was given at a tertiary institute after I refused to get a PHD as I personally could perceive no value in the qualification (other than pure w*nk factor). 

For some obscure reason they wanted to keep me on. So they gave me a Research Fellowship that included the task of assisting PHD’s and PHD candidates with constructing their research proposals, designing methodologies for testing hypotheses and generally interfering in the authorship of academic literature of all manner (Articles, treatise, text books etc), along with periodically publishing some drivel of my own (much of which I still get some royalties on).

In that vein, as I look to future opportunities I think I might like to join most of the rest of NZ and get on the government donut. So I thought I could reprise my role but this time as a Literary Consultant.

So here are some projects I would like to look at:


Ardern, J (2024): A fall from grace.

A book on how I went from the most popular political leader under MMP, to the least

Ardern, J (2024): Goebbels Updated

A book about how I remastered the art of propaganda for the 22nd century

Ardern, J (2024): The failed experiment

A book about how a Socialist experiment and pandering to the UN did not result in the job I expected

Ardern,J (2024): Taking the Lead

How I backstabbed my way to the leadership of the Labour party and then tricked the press into thinking I was an accidental leader (preface by W Peters – obscenities not omitted)

Robertson, G (2023): Like father like son

A treatise on perfecting the Art of fiscal misappropriation (and not going to jail like my dad)


Two Legged Sheep:

A historical note on why they have never had the count of sheep correct in NZ (Anon)

The priesthood

An article on how I flip flopped on personal freedom once I got the vaccination (inhibiter)  

(Seymour, D)


How we sold an Inhibitor as a Vaccine.

A report dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of people that died from Covid after two and three injections 

(Sponsored by Pfizer)


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