Facebook fact checkers fact check 182 year old medical journal and call it a blog

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) was first published in 1840 with an article on Ether as an anaesthetic.

It has broken the news of great medical breakthroughs, and given it has been around before the discovery of things antibiotics or even the discovery of viruses themselves. it has been at the forefront of human medical initiatives

Thankfully now we have Facebook to finally put all this garbage science in its place.

Of course the BMJ has made the mistake of publishing disparaging remarks on vaccines, or the creation of a certain mRNA vaccine, and the propaganda machines AKA factcheckers get to work rubbishing the info in the article.

However they may have bitten off a bit more that they can chew here as the BMJ is quite keen to not have its 182 year publication brought into disrepute or be referred to as a blog.

The article is specifically about poor trial testing procedures etc by one of the contractors Pfizer used when doing the mRNA trials. It was an article that was written by investigative journalist Paul Thacker.

As is usual with the political and big business propaganda, These self appointed fact checkers have set about muddying the information with the old sayings of “missing context” etc

It’s good to see that the fact checkers are now being rebutted with the fact-checkee fact checking the fact-checker.

In this case Thacker published all his source info.

You can find it below


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