Facebook is out of control!

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Facebook banned Plan B from posting for 24 hours for a link they provided to a Lancet study about Ivermectin. FB says such information will imperil community safety. We believe in a free society where information is exchanged freely for two reasons:

1) Most scientists and academics, and our institutions, which include the WHO and CDC, are funded by the public, and work for the public, in democracies – where an informed public is part of the decision-making. So the public has a right and a need for the information being created using their taxes.

2) Science and medicine do not have exclusivity over truth or how our work and discoveries are used for public good. Humanity as a whole is better than isolated rulers and committees at decision-making, interrogation of evidence, and accumulation of knowledge.

So we will continue to share information we find, and interpretations of science as we see it. Just not always here on FB, but at our website: http://www.covidplanb.co.nz.

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