Fact Checker getting sued

Candace Owens is exposing the real game that fact checkers are playing.

It is quite a fascinating case that is being brought by Candace Owens for being demonetized on her Facebook page from allegations that posts of hers were spreading false information.

Comments she made on the Corona virus were fact checked by 3rd party Facebook fact checkers and this resulted in her page with over 4,000,000 followers being demonetized, costing Candace Owens both income and social standing.

The filed application notes start with an excellent explanation that Owens has a reputation of posting thoroughly researched information and that it was not objectionable content.

One of the interesting comments is claiming that the fact checkers are using this placing of a false information warning on peopled posts to redirect web traffic to their own page. This in turn increases the fact checkers advertising revenue.

This warning label is then an advantage for the fact checkers, as it increases their social standing and enhances their relationship with Facebook as third party fact checkers.

This is something that we will refer to as technology parasites.

The fact checker use the social popularity of the persons page to draw a large number of their followers away from their page. They slap the fake news label on with a link saying see why… With the page owner having no income after being labeled fake, and the followers going to a different page the parasitic fact checker sucks the life out of the page until it is no longer viable and then moves on to its next prey.

They are the tiger leach of the internet.

One of the fact checkers involved is one called “Lead Stories,” this organization was co founded by ex CNN editor Alan Duke who worked for CNN for 26 years

The other fact checker “USA Today” placed a link on her post claiming it was fake and directed traffic to articles on their own page. Hence these fact checkers being called a parasite.

Owens demanded a retraction by showing the credibility of her info but this seemed to fall on deaf ears, even though Candace Owens had credible sources. However, the fact checkers changed the label from “false” to “partly false” on one of her articles.

The long and short of this is it is now obvious that the fact checkers use the ability to slap a fake news label on various pages to redirect traffic to their own site and make money at others expense.

And there we have it. Not only are the fact checkers the perpetrators of propaganda but they are also the parasite that sucks the life out of people providing news that the puppeteers dont like.

This is truly Orwellian

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