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If Biden won the Election fair and square, he would be begging for an investigation to prove it. He would want to prove that this was an honest, fair and transparent election and that he won the office rightfully… seeing it was all a fraud, he will pretend to be the President and hope the media convinces the American people that all is well.


How is it that Democrats with one, secondhand (annonimous) whistleblower account of a phone call was enough to impeach a President, but somehow hundreds of firsthand whistleblower accounts of voter fraud aren’t sufficient enough to warrant an investigation? Why is the GOP sitting idly by allowing what appears an attack on the integrity of our election systems?

I watched every second of the Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing.

Watching the behavior of C.A. Johnson, the Democrat representative only proved to me the behavior that was exhibited toward Republican poll workers. She only wanted to know what the witnesses name is and how to spell it. A city employee of 36 years will unfortunately pay dearly for coming forward. And sadly, Johnson is going to mess that girls life up. Asking her name and spelling was not only to intimidate her, but also to ruin her life as other witnesses have experienced.

C.A. Johnson was an example of what the Republican poll workers had to endure. Disgusting! Their behavior was immature, appalling, and not acceptable!

Does people realize these people have sworn affidavits which mean it is a testimony under oath if they lie it is punishable by 5 years in prison.

These people testifying as to what they witnessed are receiving threats from the left for doing so. And do you seriously think they are just making it up to make their own live’s miserable? Wake up!!! Next time you might not be on the “winning side”. Most Republicans don’t care who wins as long as it was a FAIR, LEGAL election. And it’s clear, this election was far from fair, let alone legal..!! We need a forensic audit immediately.

I can’t believe the level of bullying and slander from the representatives showed towards the end I witnessed! Guiliani is a patriot and those that testified deserve far better than the bullies they have representing them. Compared to the other two states I have observed those silenced for being out of order ought to be far more than muted. Nothing gets accomplished if people including the legal team get treated like that. It’s absolutely shameful and doesn’t serve the people they represent well at all. Praying God intervenes and bangs the heads of those that are dishonest on both sides and reaches justice. For now I only see more decay to what was established as a republic and where all of us had a right to believe differently, have different points of view, and be able to voice that with the best interest of our communities and our country as our collective aim.

With that said…

So proud of my fellow Michigan American Patriots for standing bold against these Socialist Democrats agitators!

Whether these Socialist Democrats want to acknowledge the Truth or not.. The Truth is being told.

Over all …excellent testimony. Praying for all the brave ones who have stepped forward to share truth knowing the potential risks to their employment, relationships, and physical safety. May “justice flow like a river”.

The agenda to dismiss will over rule reality because to admit fraud and the lack of security will not be accepted by the owners of American politics. We are and I believe have been duped into a false sense of freedoms that do not really exist anymore. I believe its why the same corrupt Chicago gangsters keep getting elected… same with the other Democrat ran states. Its been rigged a long time and now the rest of our country is feeling the same hopelessness.

I am still confident President Trump’s team and Sidney Powell’s team will have their day in court SOON. It’s literally our only hope for these cases to reach the SCOTUS.

Truth will prevail… God bless America! Let’s fight that GOOD fight!

By: Vickie Smith Wiles🇺🇸

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