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By Sarah Smith

How does MSM expect to survive into the future when their blatant lies are being exposed? Beyond Politics is now a targeted event thanks to Josie Adams who calls herself a journalist at The Spin Off. An “anti conspiracy theory” group could potentially threaten the safety of the event so organisers of this community event have had to organise security to sure the safety of attendees. Why is MSM inciting division? Why is MSM calling it a free speech battle? Why is MSM making false claims about people? A group of concerned mothers, Mothers who stand for Freedom (Group) are supporting the free thinkers event where people can come together to discuss current issues and brainstorm solutions. The repugnant article written today by Adams is defamation and this will not go unchallenged. If you are concerned about your country, the welfare of fellow kiwis and the current NZ leadership, then please join us for an interactive, community building event.

Here’s a link to the MSM article produced today about the event: https://thespinoff.co.nz/society/04-12-2020/anti-conspiracist-campaigners-take-aim-at-mothers-for-freedom-event/?fbclid=IwAR23t6Q0mj5hjrWikI5gTxY5v6bC1iZf97PbLUMz-PfgcvL2pymxCQ8qxdo

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