Fake Science and Politics

As many of you know by now, I’ve been saying this for years – and being called a denier for my efforts. However, more scrutiny is being placed on our policy makers claims of climate emergency and it turns out our policy makers are the ones in denial.

An assessment of the Government published National Climate Change Risk Assessment finds the document not based on Science

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“Our review of the NCCRA found that for the most part, the assessements were not

based on the ‘best available evidence’ and often consisted of little more than a

recitation of the ‘five horsemen of the apocalypse’: more extreme weather events,

more drought, more river flooding, higher sea levels, and more wildfires, followed by

unsubstantiated claims that they will have either major or extreme consequences”

The thing that everybody seems to miss is observable data. With policy makers and the media skewing the data received from scientists, we are left believing all degrees of nonsense in the absence of genuine assessments of the globe.

Its great to see a proper analysis done of a climate report that we as tax payers will ultimately have to pay for.

This paragraph says it all

“Our assessment of the NCCRA report is that it lacks sound analytical foundations and

is largely a highly subjective, and some times a dishonest exercise that systematically

exaggerates the risks. Contrary to the risk assessment title of the report it is not a risk

assessment at all. Risk requires a consideration of both consequences of an event

and the probability that the event will occur. The NCCRA simply leaves out the

probability assessement and presents a series of more or less extreme scenarios with

likelihoods ranging from just possible to very remote, as being ‘plausible’.”

Let’s see if the media pick up on this. We know Stuff wont as they are so firmly in denial they wont even publish material that goes against the climate emergency diatribe.

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