Fauci has told Americans to not invite the unvaccinated over for Christmas Turkey.

I assume infected vaccinated people are still fine to dine with in Washington DC though?

It has become the pandemic of the Democrat in the USA.

Omicron update

You go you good thing. Who wants the Omicron for Christmas?

Keep an eye on those hospitalisations, the Omicron is flattening it’s own curve and if it continues we will all hale the Omicron. For setting us free.

In the not so distant future, we will see television commercials that go like the below text. (Read in deep American accent for best effect).

They say the Omicron Man is the ultimate man. Woman want him, men want to be him. The non binary folk feel a twitch in their non binary stiffy bits. The Omicron man gets what he wants, when he wants it, “no vaccine passport required here sir, just breath that sweat smell of the Omicron over us humble un-naturally immune, double boosted track and traced slaves to the system.” (Enter attractive girl at the bar) “Let me just slip my mask off to take in your every long, slow, deep…. breath. Oh it’s so liberating.”

And the crowd goes wild.

Please consult you GP on whether you should remove your mask to breath in that crazy love potion that is the exhaled air of the Omicron Man.

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