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Shaun Hendy is stuck somewhere between being a super villain and the lad that was kicked out of a boy band three weeks before they found fame.

Desperate to stay relevant, he yells level 4 from his crumbling ivory tower, whilst predicting doom and gloom that he quietly hopes he will eventually have his “I told you so” moment from.

The above image is Singapore, the 4th most jabbed country in the universe. At 82.3% double jabbed and 83.3% having had at least one, they are seemingly getting about as close as you can to compelling your citizens to take the newly created medicine.

On September 22 of this year they hit the most new infections in a day since the beginning of the pandemic 1,457, beating the previous high of 1,426 on April 20, and they climbed steadily from there.

This milestone was achieved on the same day they hit 78.8% fully vaccinated .

The day they hit 80%, only 12 days later, their daily infection rate had hit 2,475.

Was it the unvaccinated? Interestingly the infection rate is pretty evenly spread between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated elderly are the most in need of an ICU bed. One must ask why are they not vaccinated? Is it because they were already too frail to give the vaccine to? Or were they the dreaded antivaxers who are the stain on our society and soon to be stripped of their rights to Christmas.

The response to this increase is the roll out more jabs and even jab the very young.

So the elderly are at risk so jab the young because if the young who don’t get it are jabbed then the i jabbed elderly won’t get sick, is that how the tricky virus works?

Using the same vaccine to protect against a variant that doesn’t give a flying f*ck about the vaccine is the answer is it?

It’s like using the same pick ups line on your invisible girl friend and expecting a different answer. And believe me I know, I once hit on Shaun Hendy’s invisible girlfriend , but she was busy helping Shaun with his computer modelling.

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