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Being politically homeless, Plant B Media had the fortunate opportunity to attend a meeting with Matt King last night, which also doubled as a rather exuberant cocktail party.

While nursing my head from 5 manhattans I thought I would see what the Kiwiblog clan was discussing and my copied meme was sitting there


Here is the original

If I was still an ACT supporter I would be proud to be imitated by ACT, but unfortunately using my work to promote themselves somehow cheapens the message given I will not vote ACT.

Democracy NZ

Matt King is launching the Democracy NZ party and is in the process of getting members to be able to start the party

You can join here https://democracynz.org

Matt is getting back into politics for all the right reasons after leaving National.

After the debacle of the last few years, ACT, Labour the Greens and National all proved they are just part of the self serving political sphere that give the profession the reputation of being filled with self serving despicable people.

MMP needs some minor parties that represent our rights and will fight for them.

Our bill of rights was treated as toilet paper in the last few years and while we waited for someone in parliament to stand up and question these civil abuses, the silence was deafening. Even the misnamed Green Party happily supported the smashing of our liberties, all with crocodile smiles on their hypocritical faces. And ACT being the “freedom Party?” Pull the other one

The mandated abuse of our rights to decide on medical procedures without punishment is what Matt wants to avoid ever happening again. If you care to follow the scientific community that gets shadow banned on social media, you learn how failed and unscientific the handling of the pandemic was.

The dishonesty and unscientific complicity of the 4 parties in parliament is unforgivable. Their vilification and action during the protests shows we are just run by people following a globalist agenda regardless of whether it is any good.

Matt King was on the money when he said he used to think the Government was incompetent but now he knows they are evil.

Matt was in with the protestors finding out what their qualms were while the rest of the politicians hid behind the walls of the parliament buildings

Whilst National claim they will unwind things like 3 waters and various other ludicrous Labour policies, it is more likely they are just controlled opposition and NZ will continue down the road of whatever globalist agenda is vogue right now.

Luxon thinks Bill Gates is a saint. Enough said there.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost with the decisions made over the pandemic, rather than admit it was wrong, we just get told the same old unapologetic bullshit from those vying to run the country.

This week labour said they can’t rule out lockdowns again. What does that tell you.

Our country is going to hell in a basket and we need legitimate people in parliament to keep them honest and stop the totalitarian dictates.

We will provide more info on Matt King so all you homeless voters who have become disillusioned with our current representatives can see if you like the cut of his jib.

So David Seymour enjoy the meme while you can.

Stay tuned on more about Matt King as if what he said last night are what he brings to parliament, It will bring some much needed sanity to the loony bin that is our current MP’s.

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