Finally a media outlet reporting honestly on the Ukraine

Listening to peoples attitude and understanding of what has lead to the Ukraine war, the majority quote the same old talking points .

  • Putin has miscalculated
  • Putin wants to expand Russia back to the Soviet Union
  • Putin is an evil expansionist with no business being in Ukraine
  • There are no Neo Nazi’s or the Nazi party only got 5% of the vote.

What ever way it is delivered it’s always Putin, Putin, Putin.

Never a word is said about

  • The fact Ukraine has been fighting the ethnic Russians in the Donbas in a civil war since 2014
  • Russian language has been banned and after campaigning on ending the discrimination of Russia Zelensky did the opposite
  • The Neo Nazi Azov army were amassing on the border of the Donbas for a full scale invasion when Putin commenced the military operation
  • Zelensky has operated one of the most tyrannical leadership by silencing the press, judges and opposition parties and leaders with jail, fear of death and through corrupt courts.
  • The NATO countries lead by the USA have been operating to disrupt and destabilise Russia for many years in an attempt to get regime change to oust Putin.

Regardless of your attitude about Putin, the decision to support the Ethnic Russian dominated Donbas was one between watching the needless death of Russians who wanted independence from Ukraine by not intervening in the war, or step in and wear the wrath of the NATO countries.

Anyone who doesn’t think this is what has lead to this campaign is simply ignorant of the real Ukraine and the political sphere of the past 10 years.

What has followed has been the fog of war leading to the Putin bad narrative we are delivered so we can be good citizens and support Zelensky.

Seems this narrative is starting to fade

One of Zelensky’s latest moves is to make a list of politicians in the USA and journalists who he claims are Russian propagandists.

He has banned all opposition parties and locked up any journalists who do not support all of his actions.

And we are told it’s a war for democracy

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