Finally some positive numbers from this government!

Gang numbers up 50% under Labour! Well done Cindy! 501 returness make up a fraction of this stat, don’t be fooled by the spin!!!

Ironically Ardern has been caught RED handed supporting the MMM who strongly campaigned on her behalf pre election, as evidenced here on this page recently. This alone warrants her resignation in shame! Ardern will stop at nothing for votes! She is treating New Zealanders as if they are dumb farmers! How much longer will we stand this?

I’ve said it many a time since January 2018 when she announced the oil & gas ban, Jacinda Ardern, you will go down as the worst PM New Zealand EVER had!

Kia Kaha New Zealand, to regain the country we are set to lose, will take a fight!

Are you prepared to defend? Ardern certainly seems quick to sell us out!

I don’t know about you, but I have children to think about! Both my Grandfathers sacrificed parts of their lives for the greater good of humanity, they fought against tyranny.

Will you?

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