Flatten the curve!

Oh but we can’t overwhelm the health system! Sweden clearly shows how its done – without lock downs. Ironically, lock downs cause a self-fulfilling prophecy in that health services are reduced to skeleton staff – just in case! – thereby creating the very shortage and backlog of care and treatment that a Covid outbreak is supposed to cause.

ICU usage has never been stretched in Sweden, at any stage! And that despite not ever having implemented mandatory lockdowns.Instead of pouring copious amounts of their GDP into the black-hole of ever-recurring, society destroying lockdowns, the Swedes temporarily increase or decrease their ICU capacity, as needed.And it should be noted that Sweden ordinarily has one of the lowest ICU beds per capita, when compared to the rest of Europe. They do not have a particularly well resourced health system compared to many other countries in Europe.So if they can do – pretty much every other western country could have also…Whenever you start to hear alarmist proclamations about Sweden, don’t forget that the alarmist proclaimer is almost definitely ignorant, or white-lying (if not outright lying).Data is taken from this excellent resource: https://www.covid19insweden.com/en/healthcare.html…

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