Flatten The Curve?

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JACINDA ARDERN – March 2020 – 15 Days to Flatten the Curve, Remind me what day we are on now? Since then it’s been Tyranrical Health Responses Bills, All Human Rights and our Bill of Rights erased, Track & Trace Apps, Masks, CASES up the warzoo, yet few illnesses, Empty Hospitals, A 100 Billion in Extra Debt, x 2 months of LOCKDOWN, Un Tested Mandatory Medicines for all. Not just the elderly and ill. Quarantine Concentration Hotels, Businesses & Lives Destroyed, Savings Wiped out. Suicides maxing out, Cancer Deaths up, Mental Illness and other medical conditions left to fester, Jobs and industry destroyed. — Now its slogans like – The NEW Normal – Build Back Better – The Great Reset – DAVOS MAN, seize the opportunity – World Economic Forum – Does all this pass the “Sniff Test” – or do you see it for what it is. A BLOODY Globalist plot to grab control and imprison Humanity within a Digital Prison.

By Napoleon Busch

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