France & China developing biologically engineered supersoldiers

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The elites know not all military & police will follow through with their democracy crushing edicts so in walks…..The Terminator!

Brain microchips — France has been given the all-clear to develop microchips to enhance soldier brain power.

Bionic eyes — Being developed in Hong Kong, this gives users infrared and night vision.

Super hearing — The US’s Tactical Communication and Protective System are smart earbuds which boost soldiers’ hearing to be near superhuman.

Health implant — DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, is developing cyborg implants to monitor combat efficiency.

Enhanced limbs — A Devcom report revealed plans to equip US soldiers with enhanced limbs for increased strength.

Exoskeleton legs — The US Army has tested an exoskeleton which can be attached to soldier’s legs and can increase their productivity by up to 27 times.

Synthetic blood — Respirocyte is a theoretical red blood cell that could help soldiers not get out of breath and stay underwater for hours.

Pain immunity — DARPA’s Persistence in Combat initiative would allow soldiers to have their pain suppressed for 30 days.

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