Freedom Fighter Forcibly Drugged

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Miriam Clements was arrested and forcibly drugged early last year by the NZ authorities because she refused to be quiet about 1080 and wanted to stand politically to challenge the muppets we call politicians.

Her story greatly concerned me last year and I am very glad to see her long silence has been broken.

From John Maddox

I think you all need to listen to this. You “think” you have rights? You don’t! Remember, the New Zealand Government operates under “assumed Parliamentary Sovereignty” therefore, even your much touted Bill of Rights is merely subordinate legislation.

New Zealand does NOT have a written Constitution. It has a “New Zealand Constitution Act 1986” – none of you voted for that and none of you had an input as to what laws you wished to be governed under and what type of governing system.

Why do you think they do all this bullshit to us and simply get away with it, or if challenged they just pass retrospective legislation to plug gaps? – it’s like to good old “oh right… wait a moment… there you go [law rushed throughunder urgency], you’re wrong again” 🙄

Only one way out of all this. You bypass them and then you defend your position 😎 just saying.

video link here

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