From the department of announcements

Ardern is shielding what has to be the month of months of total failures behind one of their first failures for her administration, which is re-anouncing light rail.

Why not, they have obviously run out of ideas so are rolling out the stuff that sounded so good in 2017, showing off how much her caucus descend form the house of no idea

Cant wait for them to renounce kiwibuild or did they do that with the recent moves to cure housing, including the infrastructure package that Meagan Woods forgot to release?

I have upgraded the status of the Government from a “clusterfuck” to an “orgy of abomination.”

Their motto must be, we’ll fuck with it a bit and if it doesn’t work, we’ll fuck with it some more.

No amount of working groups are going to fix this level of stupid, you just can’t fix stupid.

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