Full of Wind

Although our future will have greener energy sources, the old saying “there is a time and place” is the crucial piece of the equation the alarmists seem to forget.

In the absence of genuine climate emergencies. No! Jacinda, stating there is a climate emergency doesn’t make one. Just like claiming 7 out of 9 child poverty indicators improved, doesn’t mean you have made a bat shit bit of difference to impoverished children.

The reality is we still need fossil fuels. Even here in NZ we use fossil fuel for when the more unreliable renewables aren’t cutting the slack.

We are told we need some ridiculous amounts of wind farms to get us to 100% renewable energy production but technology in regards to mass electricity storage may be a mere few years away. This would mean we don’t need as many generation plants as the surplus created in the good times can be stored and distributed when the wind isn’t blowing or the rain isnt raining. A better time to reduce the carbon foot print is in the future when we have the technology we require, but politicians live in the now and brand Ardern is climate emergencies nuclear moments..

the following presentation discusses the merits of relying on wind and removing gas and fossil fuels….sound familiar?


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