Future Shock

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By Sarah Smith

Discussing fertility & family matters is often a taboo subject & if one looks into what’s coming down the pipeline it reads like a science fiction novel.

The social engineering that is taking place is one which will see populations herded into smart cities with work & entertainment distractions abound.

Family & children will become less of a reality for many as the programming & culture change continues to roll out.

You only need to read books like Auldus Huxley’s “Brave New World” or “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler to see what the future of the family looks like:

  • embryos raised in labs with DNA not belonging to parents
  • genetically engineered babies
  • parenthood in retirement
  • childless couples
  • state ownership of children
  • state programming & conditioning
  • parent licences
  • parental reeducation camps

This could easily be mistaken as conspiracy theory. And as usual, the incremental steps taken are almost invisible through time.

We are looking at the women of current childbearing age potentially being the last generation to do so naturally.

Within one generation, baby factories or home incubator machines will be the new normal.

How much do you value natural child birth and development?

Given that this is how the spirit & soul enters the human, how much of the true human experience are you willing to sacrifice?

This is where people need to discuss the serious nature of which direction science is taking us.

Whilst yes, this tech may give infertile couples the chance to become parents but what if there was a much more sinister agenda at work?

The soulless, spiritless android agenda where the human being is no longer a person but just a biological machine programmable entirely by the state with no imagination & ability to access divine thought.

Motherhood is meaningful. Marriage is meaningful.
It is a sacred right of passage.

Women, ask yourself this, would you rather serve an agenda of fads & material distraction, your employer or your family?

If you’d rather serve your family, how much are you willing to sacrifice for them & how far are you willing to go to ensure future generations of women get to experience the divine gift of child birth?

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