General Flynn the real story

Deep State Target

General Michael Flynn. A retired General from the US army who served for 33 years for his country.

Flynn was appointed security advisor by Trump on 18 November 2016, less than 4 months later, on February 13, 2017 Flynn resigned. There are many stories about what Flynn did in the mainstream media, what lies he admitted to and the plea bargain he entered. However, what these stories don’t tell you is the process that the FBI went through to get him to plead guilty and why the DOJ have subsequently withdrawn the charges. Most of the MSM are simply stating he lied to the FBI and therefore he is guilty

Here is the Reader’s Digest explanation of what happened to this deep state target

Flynn was part of the transitional team when Trump won in November 2016. He was busy getting geared up for the role introducing himself to foreign ambassadors and prepping them for the new guard.

At this time (based on other Deep State operatives) investigations were occurring called Operation Crossfire Hurricane and Operation RAZOR. Although Flynn was not originally part of the investigation he was brought into the investigation and after 4 months the FBI agents investigating concluded there was “nothing to see here” in relation to Flynn. The FBI were preparing to close the case on Flynn but for whatever reason did not formally close the investigation. This appears to be an administrative oversight from the agents involved with this first investigation.

The FBI then became aware of the discussion between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak which had touched on foreign policy. At the time Russian ambassadors had been tossed out of the USA and Flynn had contacted Russia to help calm the situation. He simply told Kislyak that a new president was being ushered in and to hold off doing anything drastic

It was then That the FBI and the exiting executive leaders decided he may be able to be prosecuted under the Logan Act. This is an act that no one has ever been prosecuted under as it is a very old law that is not fit for purpose in the modern era. It was a law to try and prevent non authorised persons conducting foreign policy. They decided it would be difficult to prosecute Flynn using the logan act.

The now famous Agent Strzok found out that the prior Flynn investigation had not been formally closed and relayed this information to Lisa Page who was Special Counsel to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Strzok remarked “our utter incompetence actually helps us”The investigation that was meant to be closed is still open.

The FBI decide to pay Flynn a visit. Notes from the agents that were to conduct the subsequent interview with Flynn showed what the agents were up to. Here is what the notes said “what is our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired? If we can get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to the DOJ and have them decide…”

The agents go to Flynn’s office and ask him exactly what he had told the Russian Ambassador, they ask him specific terms out of the transcript (that Flynn knows they have) but the agents never show Flynn the transcript.

As Flynn is fully aware they have the transcript, and even mentions to them that they have the transcripts, he assumes they know what is in it and agrees with them as to what they are asking. What Flynn isnt informed is that he is being investigated and what he says could end him in hot water.

The agents ask specific questions around what Flynn told the ambassador. Flynn agrees with statements or answers that he cannot remember.

Flynn has no idea he is under investigation, has not been informed that if he lied, he can be charged or that he should have a lawyer present during the meeting.

Flynn just thinks he is catching up with team members he will soon be working with in his role as counterintelligence and has no reason to lie. He has no idea that what he says will come back to haunt him till this day of receiving a pardon.

After comparing the statements to the transcripts the agents find an area that Flynn has said he can’t remember and they charge him with making a false Statement to the FBI which is a criminal charge…for saying “I can’t remember”

Flynn defends himself but finds that he is running out of money and heading for bankruptcy, he is being told that the FBI will go after his son and so he agrees to a plea deal where he can plead guilty to the charges and get on with his life. He pleads guilty and the judge accepts the plea, and a date is set for sentencing Flynn for his crime. The intention is for Flynn to be convicted without punishment as he has been fired and the job is done.

However, when Flynn goes in front of a judge for sentencing, the Judge has recused himself from the case due to identifying a conflict of interest. This action brings in Judge Sullivan. Sullivan is a judge whose experience in a prior FBI case where the FBIO admitted to fabricating evidence means he is a lot more cautious about how to proceed.

Sullivan expresses concerns that the evidence shows statements Flynn has made mean that he may be innocent, or at least had thought he was. He also saw that Flynn was under the impression that by pleading guilty he will receive no punishment. Sullivan decides to apply the carrot and the stick rule and tells Flynn he is not going to sentence an innocent man and so Flynn can fight the case. But Sullivan adds that if he does fight it and loses, that he is going to treat this as treason and hand down very harsh penalties.

This is obviously a large spanner in the works and Flynn at this point parts company with his current legal counsel and hires Sydney Powell. Sydney Powell is a lawyer who is very aware of historical discovery abuse and she demands better release of discovery evidence, ultimately Flynn moves to withdraw his plea. During this process, the prosecution team and Flynn’s ex lawyers find a whole lot of evidence that is favourable to Flynn. Evidence that has previously been withheld from Flynn.

With the release of more and more exculpatory evidence it gets to the point where the DOJ can see that Flynn was played by the FBI in a trap, and that the charges should be dropped.

The DOJ files the following statement. “After considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information appended to the defendants supplemental pleadings, ECF Nos. 181,188-190 the Government has concluded that the interview of Mr Flynn was untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr Flynn…” it goes on to say statements such as “it is not persuaded the interview was conducted with a legitimate investigative basis and does not believe Mr Flynns statements are material…”

The DOJ basically identifies that Flynn was party to entrapment by the FBI and drops the charges.

This is where it gets really interesting, as the Judge in this instance should end the court proceedings as the government has dropped all the charges. The judge is required to dismiss the case.

Sullivan is not happy with this dropping of the charges and appoints an Amicus (friend of the court) to see if the case should continue to be tried even though the prosecutor has dropped the case. This is an unprecedented decision in itself, but then Sullivan appoints as the Amicus an ex judge called John Gleeson.

Gleeson is a very vocal anti Trump person who has been known to speak badly of the trump team. Sullivan also wants to know if he should charge Flynn with perjury for making a false plea.

So the Government drop charges and the Judge decides he will continue as the Judge, jury and prosecutor.

The Amicus’ role is to argue if the government should drop the charges. This is argued by a retired judge who hates Trump and whether Flynn should be held in contempt of the court.

Sydney Powell then files a Writ of Mandamus with the court of appeal. A mandamus is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from the court to order an organisation to do what it is meant to do. In this case, to order Judge Sullivan to dismiss the case against Flynn.

The Court of appeal orders Judge Sullivan to explain himself. This is where it becomes obvious that the Judge never intended for Flynn to be found innocent. The judge argues that if Flynn said he was guilty then surely, he is guilty. Claiming it is irregular for someone to withdraw a guilty plea. The fact is this occurs plenty of times, but this does not stop Sullivan arguing on that he cannot accept that Flynn is innocent after pleading guilty.

This is ultimately heard by three Judges at the appeals court who decide 2-1 to order Sullivan to dismiss the case. This is where it was thought to be all over for Flynn.

But Obviously Sullivan is more like the terminator and just keeps on going. Rather than dismissing the case Sullivan files for a submission of Rehearing En Banc which means before the entire court of appeal.

The rehearing was granted and unfortunately for Flynn the court of appeal is full of Democrat appointed Judges. The Writ of Mandamus was revoked and the request by Flynn’s team to have the Judge and Amicus replaced was declined.

They have ordered that now Sullivan needs to rule on the case and then if Flynn doesn’t like the verdict they can appeal.

As this case continues more disclosure has been released which reveals that Joe Biden was the one who came up with the idea to try and convict Michael Flynn under the Logan Act. It also shows just how bad it was at the FBI. Agents were talking with each other about how much the hunt for dirt on Flynn was getting ridiculous. So much were agents concerned that they were taking out liability insurance to protect themselves.

Text messages between agents discussed how much some people wanted Clinton to win the election, that the investigation into Flynn did not make sense and that if this ever gets out “we all get screwed.”

This new evidence has been resubmitted to the Judge to show that the case must be dismissed.

Up until today almost 4 years later, and Flynn was still in limbo. The evidence shows that the Obama team was fully aware of this attack on Flynn.

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