Getting A Bit Past A Joke!

We are nearing 1000 cases, with one Covid associated death of a frail individual in their 90s.It should also be noted that testing has dropped right down to much lower levels than were seen initially – meaning it is highly likely that there are many cases around going completely undetected; the fact that 36 of the known cases have no known links indicates that there must be pockets of spread in a variety of locations. This means that the current case number is likely to be considerably higher than the known 900 – 1000.And so, just like we’ve been saying for months, it’s clear that Delta is simply not as lethal as earlier variants (and even the earlier variants were nowhere near as lethal as many have been lead to believe). In short, like all novel respiratory viruses, Covid has attenuated (i.e. “downgraded”) to be more contagious, and less lethal. (Consider for a moment as to where the much worse Spanish Flu, or more similar Hong Kong Flu “disappeared” to). Its “survival of the fittest” at play at the viral level – and yet our government’s preferred “experts” prefer to act entirely ignorant of this well known – and expected – phenomenon. Now, we would still expect Delta to have more of an impact in New Zealand than say, the UK – because our immunity levels (in general, but in relation to Covid of any variants in particular) are so low, given our unnatural isolation over the past 18 months. But already the NZ data (in terms of the danger) seems to be rather disappointing – from the hard-core Alarmist’s point of view. We can only imagine just how eagerly the Alarmist camp must be awaiting any further Covid associated deaths…

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