Global cooling is upon us again

After the coolest December in 6 years we have had an even cooler January to kick off 2021.

Regardless of the lack of extreme weather incidents, the current global temperature being less than 0.2 degrees above the 40 year average and the climate being a peaceful as a hippy sleeping off a large plate of lentils. We are escalating the panic bullshit climate emergency like it’s a run away train full of test tubes of deadly pandemics.

Science has been left behind, observational data is ignored and we know live by the numbers spat out by climate models that resemble real life as closely as the most ridiculous episode of South Park.

So much crap is dished up that having a logical conversation with someone about climate is worse than discussing the afterlife with 2 scientologists called Geoffrey.

I can’t wait to wake up from this bad dream that is the path we are being lead down with climate propaganda.

Stop the poppycock

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