Great start to 2021 for Labour!

The spin doctors are increasingly going into overdrive to stem the tide! It’s going to be a tough year for Ardern Et Al I would think! The recent economic data looks great on the face of it, but when you dig in to the reality, you know that thing that Ardern fans don’t do!

  1. Allowing refugees into NZ during a pandemic ahead of kiwi’s & business opportunities. The emergency housing waiting list is 23,000+ and the Ardern government just added 210 totally dependent foreigners to it!
  2. Turning a cruise ship away & getting caught out lying suggesting they “broke the rules” yet today on Talkback NZ Immigration could NOT tell us what specific law they broke! The only reason was the ridiculous notion that they staff on board aren’t locals! Locals cant just jump on board & do the bloody job you fools!
  3. More MIQ failures & more changes to the system when we have been repeatably told they are on to it!
  4. Declaring a climate emergency! The irony with that is they delayed the announcement!
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