Great,we have climate activist lawyers now.

So now we have activist lawyers suing the climate commission for not taking enough action in climate change.

This is getting out of control.

I love the statement that activists make of, you need to follow “the” science.

What is this so called “the science”

Is it the models that are human interpretations of what might happen? Is it total lack of understanding of all the ways the influences on our climate work.

Is it “the science” that tells us there is zero empirical evidence that co2 is causing climate change.

So now we are going to get a judge and lawyers decide what we need to do.

Once again the 1.5 degree figure is bandied about.

“The starting point has to be look at the science and what that tells us we need to bring our emissions down to, and how quickly if we’re going to stay below 1.5 degrees (warming of global temperatures).”

We are meant to prevent a 1.5 degree increase from a temperature that we have no idea what it was, changes depending on who you talk to and something that has increased at .14 of a degree per decade, since we have truely global data from when we started accurately measuring with satellites.

The only thing that really seems to happening to global temperatures is our past is cooling due to adjusted data.

Pre industrial climate is what we were aiming for as though it was some setting that we new exactly what it was and it was better than it is now.

Correct me if I’m wrong but more people died of weather events, severe floods, heatwaves, storms etc back in pre 1900 years than they do now.

Before fossil fuels changed our climate is now what we are aiming for. even though we don’t know what has changed.

So much of pre 1970’s weather data is not true global data. The further back you go it becomes purely anecdotal. What has changed about the climate exactly that we need to get back to. And create so much urgency to do so to the point you are taking an already out of control commission to task for not being even more out of control.

The world has gone madder than it already was.

“Lawyers for Climate Action NZ spokesperson Jenny Cooper QC told Morning Report that the recommendations fail to address the scale and urgency of the task and are inconsistent with international agreements.”

If you followed the science Jenny, you would find that the data shows perceived urgencies are based on nothing but speculation created behind a computer screen and don’t match real world realities.

Can we have another set of lawyers expose the alarmism please?

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