Greenland is melting away, except this year and…

Summer in the cold northern landmass we know as Greenland is normally a time where you get a reduction in ice.

The cycle of summer and winter is well understood at our poles, ice gain and ice loss is like clockwork.

We have the alarmists tell us that this cycle would see more ice loss in the north each summer, ice loss that would ultimately lead to an ice free Arctic in summer.

News of large ice sheets breaking away made the global news, one such event was this large calving event 10 years ago.

Petermann Glacier 10 years ago

In what was described as dramatic and disturbing, a chunk of ice twice the size of Manhattan broke away. You can see the result of this event in the image below taken a month later.

The news of this moment was distributed around the world with the obligatory angst and gasp.

An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken away from the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland.”

“It’s dramatic. It’s disturbing,” University of Delaware’s Andreas Muenchow told the Associated Press.

“We have data for 150 years and we see changes that we have not seen before,” Mr Muenchow added.”

150 years of data and the changes haven’t been seen before?

Well 10 years on and another decade of data, what can we learn from this event?

Have we seen more warming, further unstoppable and dramatic losses of ice that will drown the tiny nations with rapid sea level rise?

No, we have a bigger glacier that has added another Manhattan or two in size ice mass to the glacier

This summer along with four of the past six summers has seen ice mass continue to expand at this stage of summer.. This of course will be blamed on climate change too if it came out in the MSM but it won’t.

We will be waiting a long time for a BBC article on how much bigger the ice content of this glacier is.

I’ve said it it once and I’ll say it again, there is no climate emergency.

So much for trapped heat from CO2 and Methane. So much that the continent is growing its ice mass even in summer..

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