Greens putting their foot down

Election 2020: Greens demand wealth tax if they are in coalition

So the greens are putting their foot down with the wealth tax.

The past 3 years have seen the Greens get one real win. The partial ban on plastic bags. Still pisses me off every visit to the supermarket but it’s a small price to lay for the turtle I guess.

However there was a decisive clump as Julie-Anne Gentre’s recycled shoe hit the floor.

Anyone with assets of over $1 million must hand over a piece of their wealth each year. 1% for $1 mill and 2% for over $2 million.Why not eh, I’m sure every auckland retiree will be happy to part with $10,000 a year for the Greens.

I guess it’s only fair that the party that thinks it’s ok to get paid for not working, thinks it’s ok to tax you for no reason other than you live in a more expensive part of town.

No doubt the socialists love this idea, apart from the leafy suburb housewives that vote Green to feel better about their soy laté after dropping the kids off at school in their diesel SUV.

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