Greta isn’t happy with Ardern

Seems the teenage climate queen isn’t happy with our Governments “nuclear moment” response to the non existent climate emergency.

Better watch out Greta, you will be getting lots of frowns from Ardern and perhaps you wont receive a warm summer Christmas card from the oil and gas ban bandit.

I hear that Ardern is not happy she missed out on Times person of the year and may be sending Greta a particularly strong worded letter.

Boris Johnson obviously has no idea what he is talking about anymore, calling emission’s a toxic tea cosy of greenhouse gasses. WTF Boris. It seems that he U’K’ is destined to be another tree hugging Mung bean munching bunch loonies that breed Thunberg’s faster than you can say fake news.

The world really is going madder than mad dog McManus the maddest mad man of all

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