Guess who misses being the centre of attention

The most unqualified Epidemiologist in NZ has obviously been missing seeing his name in the news and so has suggested we need to increase COVID- 19 restrictions because without COVID how is he going to get put on TV? And in the papers?

If anyone in the press could be bothered, I’m sure they would find Michael Baker wanting in any advice he has murmured about what should and shouldn’t be done.

It is blatantly obvious that Baker is the tits on the bull that for some reason the media and whoever else just can’t help but fondling.

Leave the tit alone I say. Unless we adopt the let’s do the exact opposite of everything Baker says.

No doubt he will be suggesting a booster that will protect you for six and a half minutes or until you leave the doctors.

I wonder if he believes in natural immunity or are we only protected from using the toxic protein induced by the gene therapy jab.

Baker seriously needs a hobby, or to take up a career in theatre if he needs to have his face in the line light.

Anything but epidemiology would be fine.

If you need proof of his observing, he is recommending masks. Respiratory viruses care not for your mask, and if Baker doesn’t know that he knows nothing about realities viruses.

I think he has been hanging out with the other tits on the bull, Shaun Hendy, Siouxsie Wiles and Rod Jackson who we know we cannot rely on to give it to us straight.

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