Gun crime and deaths on the increase in NZ.

Every day we hear of gun related crime occurring. Today I awoke to another piece of breaking news involving a gun wielding crim in the community.

It seems gun crime is on the increase and I found this article from May last year, I doubt it has improved since then.

Despite the governments rapid ban on certain types of firearms in the wake of the chch massacre, gun related crime is on the increase.

“New figures obtained by RNZ show last year had the highest rates of gun crime and deaths involving firearms for nearly 10 years.”

So why are we seeing this increase even though the world lauds the brave move by Ardern?

“Auckland City councillor Alf Filipaina said there are several factors that could be leading to an increase in gun crime, and top of the list is gangs.”

The reality of the attempted gun grab by the government is that law abiding people had their guns removed while those that we want to not have guns, enjoyed unceasing their arsenal.

Seems the gun grab was undertaken by certain groups by simply offering more money than the government.

So how is our murder rate involving guns going now we have removed all those semi automatics.

“In each of the last two years, New Zealand recorded 2.4 gun-related deaths per million people.”

“But if you go back to 2014, New Zealand had less than 1 death per million people, so there has been a steep rise over the past few years.”

Try telling this to people and they shrug their shoulders and say that the gun grab was a good thing. Seems the sharp increase in gun crime is irrelevant to their belief system.

Let this be a lesson on the danger of rushed legislation.

Some will be saying that the increase of gun violence has nothing to do with the buy back. Well to that I say, could we have used the time effort and money to address what is causing the increase?

Or do we believe that if we hadn’t taken the guns off law abiding gun owners, this increase in gun violence would have been worse? I somehow doubt it.

Despite this increase in gun related crime the police are reaching for guns less than what they did in 2016 with much less gun related crime in this year.

Somehow the article tries to find praise in this “brave” reality stating our officers are better equipped to handle the offenders.

I’m calling bullshit on this claim, I would hazard a guess that it is that the orders from the heads of police operations are simple, “go soft on crime” and this is the likely reason we are seeing this increase in crime.

And there we have the real answer. Whilst law abiding citizens handed back their guns, the government repays the community by going increasingly lack lustre about protecting us against the acts of the antisocial.

Well done Ardern and labour.

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