Happy 2021

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By Will Ryan

2020 was actually a fantastic year in many ways and I wouldn’t swap it for anything. My gut feeling is 2021 is going to be even more turbulent!

What we can know for sure is that governments will keep doing as they did last year, so will central banks, so will those enslaved to their media arms. There’s nothing new under the sun just the modern wrapping of cultural vogue and technology.

What we can control is our response, preparation and being comfortable in our minds no matter what external discomfort. One external discomfort I will not submit to however is being told what to put on or in my body when I am certain it’s not good for me and is contrary to my beliefs.

If you compromise your ethics and spirit for dictates “legal” or not, you don’t own yourself and no amount of money or social acceptance can make up for selling yourself out. If we see the challenges ahead as a test of our willpower and moral fibre, then those choices become more clear – no humans in history were rewarded for blind obedience to authority. In the long run the people who make the easy choices today pay for them later.

We all ultimately chose what we participate in, what we eat, what information we digest, where we invest our mental or economic energy. No one else can make those choices for you and it’s not mature or caring to let society make those choices by default.

My hypothesis is the current division and escalating chaos and tension is caused by the widening gap between humans wiling to learn about and accept themselves, their nature and own illusions,limitations and biases of their minds vs those who wish to protect themselves from introspect and call everyone else nazis, privileged, racist etc without actually wanting to know them or the challenges they may have faced.

The privilege we should all fundamentally appreciate is being born on a planet we can’t explain for, with a mind a body worth more than a million bucks. Everyone inherited such for nothing from the universe, use your free resources and give back somehow whilst having fun. Happy 2021!

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