Has the science of vaccinations changed?

In 2015 the understanding of how vaccines needed to work lead to the understanding of the following fact

“Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population.”


How does this compare to the current mass role out of a vaccine?

We are told every day that the best prevention is exactly what the study above warns to avoid.

We are now back to an increase in infections and people getting repeat infections. A total lack of reporting on the vaccine status of the sick and dying is a stark difference to how much of a song and dance was made on the statistics of the unvaccinated.

Who can forget Ardern telling us the virus will find the unvaccinated

The article linked below references 53 studies that show this is now the pandemic of the vaccinated


Let us not forget our governments locked us in our homes and mandated an untested medication that predictions are now those that are vaccinated are the biggest risk.

This doesn’t even count the harm and the unknown harm that is still to come.

What is the most alarming is our so called health experts who still stand by mandates and vaccine passports.

Their is now very little doubt that the vaccines do nothing to prevent the spread and infection of the virus. How do you justify mandates when your vaccination status has you just as likely or more likely to be a spreader if you are vaccinated?

As the brains trust realised that vaccines no longer offered protection, the claims went to the prevention of severe disease. Yet there is nothing in the reporting of the hospitalisations and deaths to confirm that the unvaccinated are disproportionately represented.

Anecdotally we all now know plenty of people who have had COVID-19 and the flu, some several times of both. It seems the vaccinated are having a much harder time out there than the unvaccinated.

One day the truth will be told and it isn’t going to be pretty.

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