Height privilege, yes straight white males, it’s a thing!

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It’s time we discussed height privilege and how it disproportionately affects transgender, people of color and fuels rape culture.

You see, although there are no physical or biological differences between men and women, because sex and gender are just social constructs pushed by the patriarchy, men are generally taller than women, so when a man is very tall, the proximity of his penis is closer to the mouth of nearby shorter women.

Women are then forced to “speak into the mic”, every time they say something, and if they are educating a straight male by yelling at him, the mouth is open even wider which risks exposure to bodily fluids such as semen or perhaps even urine if they’re from Sweden or Germany.

In fact women speaking to such tall men simulates oral sex in a variety of ways, but NONE of them are consensual. We feminists call this P.I.F.S or “Penis in Face Syndrome”.

At a recent feminist conference, women were finally given equality, and height privilege removed by use of platform shoes, which we are currently lobbying to have made mandatory on college campus.

We are also intending to push thin privilege in future and force fit people to walk around campus wearing heavy weighted bags, so they know just how difficult it is for cellulite-diverse people.


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