Here is an interesting stat from the recent Newshub political pole

This would appear to demonstrate that over a quarter of the population is living in such fear of COVID-19 that they want the borders to remain closed.

That’s a large portion of the population still under the ether of the COVID propaganda.

We now have India as the nation to report on to keep the fear going.

4000 people dying per day sounds like a dire situation and of course it isn’t an ideal number but India has 1.4 billion people.

Let’s use some basic math to put this in prospective.

The UK has a population of 68,000,000. This is 20 times less people. So proportionately 4000 deaths per day would be the equivalent of 200 deaths per day.

Now India has not had 4000 deaths per day for the past 12 months of the pandemic, they have had much less.

However, if the UK had, had 200 deaths per day for 12 months it would have had 73,000 deaths. They have actually had 120,000.

Let’s put the UK stats back on what India would need, given the population difference., to compare to how the UK fared.

At the UK’s peak in COVID casualties it was running at well over 1,000 deaths per day.

This means that to be comparable to the UK, India would need to be having well over 20,000 per day in their perk. in fact it would need to hit 28,000 a day.

Perhaps they will get there, but you can be sure this will be met with shock and awe, even though it would be well within the death rates many European and other western countries endured.

Perhaps this is why Bill Gates doesn’t want to share the vaccine with India.

Gosh, I can’t wait till we get the new turbo charged style of propaganda back in the “climate emergency” once the sting is finally out of COVID-19

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