Here we go again 🙄

While Moderna share price has plunged almost 70% in the wake of the realisation pushing useless jabs on people is not a sustainable business model. Another of the WEF future leaders is about to plunge the economy into more strife on the back of what can only be called unpreparedness.

The pink haired one issued her warning (why anyone gives this pimple attention beats me) but I can bet almost anything that a new version of the red traffic light (otherwise known as a short sharp decisive word beating lockdown) is on the way.

Boris has freed his people, the Supreme Court have said no to mandates and Israel with its 4th jab is once again the country with the most infections per capita.

Yes the jab is providing more antibodies but it’s like sending a team of hostage negotiators to a tower block engulfed with flames. The antibodies don’t have the right proteins to attach to this variant.

All I can say is this graph will hopefully change (the COVID response part of the graph that is) to help oust the worst WEF installed government NZ could ever hope for.

How the masses can think this government handles health better only goes to show how ignorant people are of what is really going on. As for COVID who knows if anyone would have done a better job but I can almost be certain it couldn’t have been worse.

I could be wrong about the upcoming announcement about to occur in 45 minutes but not long to wait.

On other polling news here is the latest popularity contest results from the Taxpayers Union

A holiday boost for labour above.

The only one who increased was Seymour but probably recovered a bit from the Luxon installation

And also people seem to be back thinking NZ is going in the right direction below which only makes me wonder who the hell David Farrar’s polling company rang for this poll. or is it a holiday blip.

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