Here we go again with the awards

Baker wearing a cotton mask that has shown to do nothing for the spread of Covid by fully qualified public health experts.

Another award for the celebrity scientists.

Michael Baker would have been wondering what award awaited him after fellow COVID celebrities Shaun Hendy and Siouxsie Wiles picked up the Prime Ministers science award and New Zealander of the year awards respectfully.

But never worry there was an award for our student epidemiologist with the award of Wellington of the year.

Woohoo well done Baker, you can hang it next to your diploma in public health.

With the prestigious award been given to such deserving figures as climate activists, it seems fitting that the award labelled the Welly’s gets awarded to Baker.

This wank fest, put on by the Dominion Post, just goes to show that these scientists are the peacocks of the educated.

The “look at me moment” is what they crave. Proudly collecting ribbons like the kids at pony club.

All so they can invite their colleagues into their office and parade the awards like it’s the brightly coloured large dorsal feathers of the previously mentioned asianic fowl.

Well done Baker l, now take your pretty glass award, file it in your trophy cabinet and go back to sucking off the public tit.

I see he is suggesting NZ takes the morel high ground on the Olympics by not allowing the athletes to go. How dare anyone go back to living their normal lives eh. unless of course they are celebrities just like him.

But baker doesn’t want normality coming back anytime soon.

That would mean another stint in Irrelevance Street.

No “lights camera action,” is a life worse than a world where COVID isn’t problem for the likes of the celebrity scientists.

Has everyone got their ward now?

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