Here’s a copy of the law suit between plaintive Donald Trump and defendant Hillary Clinton

After all the disappointment of the Mueller report that prior to its release had the TDS’ers salivating at Trump going down for his dodgy dealings with Russia. Even after it’s release most of the orange man bad crowd we’re certain that the report really did contain evidence of Trumps collusion.

Now Clinton gets to squirm once again for her dodgy dealings. Will she get away with it this time?

Assuming this makes it to court it is really going to be popcorn time.

The case goes through all the fabrication events and the bad actors that conspired to bring these accusations about Russia collusion. This is all information that is also being unravelled by Special Council Durham. As they say better late than never.

This year is going to see the Democrats get crushed in the midterms, then we will see an impeachment of Biden and his hapless VP.

Trump versus Hillary round 2.

Below is the claim for damages

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