Here’s how we know our leaders are frauds

The same people that preach about equity and following the science sent a biological man to the olympics to compete against woman.

These same people, who also preach about racial equity, stood by and said nothing while our greatest Olympian of all time, Māori canoeist Lisa Carrington was overlooked for Halberg sportswoman of the year. They gave it to a white biological male who has never won anything.

These people are frauds, slaves to an ideology that is incompatible with human nature, science, and basic decency.

The leader of these frauds is on film sitting in a lab and having a medical professional tell her that masks don’t work. She has a director general of health on film saying masks don’t work.

She mandates mask wearing anyway.

Ideology, power, control.

Keeping everyone safe, making everyone equal, and kindness are nothing more than cover stories masking their true agenda!

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