Hey Newshub you forgot the global temperature?

Here is Newshubs headline


Just as well there is a Planet B

Record warm June for NZ eh Newshub?

Probably not, our records are as dodgy as other centres around the world with NIWA facing court action years ago, where the judge went with the alarmists approach of it’s okay to change historic temperature data as the defendant seems more qualified than the plaintiff.

So the Newshub article goes on to imply that the world is warming at an alarming rate, citing the warmer summer in Canada and the USA, as well as New Zealand warm June as evidence.

The usual comments on how we must do something are littering the article.

The only challenge is they omitted one crucial part of the equation. Newshub failed to mention that this year the temperatures have fallen over .5 of a degree.

June dipped under the 40 year average in global temperature. it is the coolest June since 2013 and puts us back to temperatures that have been comfortable temperatures for years.

Why did you fail to mention this Newshub?

3 months have been the coolest months seeing a decrease that wiped over 33% of the dreaded 1.5 degree warming.

So while NZ, USA and Canada are basking in the warmth. The rest of the globe is experiencing a solid decline in temperature.

Given the conditions with the sun and ocean currents, the cooling is looking good for a while yet.

No sign of the end of El Niño

More dishonest barely half truth reporting

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