Hiding Australia’s Hot Past in the Name of Alarmism

Australia’s Temperature record has been tampered with more than a cricket ball held by David Warner.

The Science of Climate Change is so removed from the scientific method that now scientists are emboldened to manipulate data to arrive at the desired outcome. So much tampering needs to be undertaken on historic records now that its becoming a joke.

This table below used to be the Extreme Temperature data until it become an inconvenient truth.

January 1906 was a hot year recording the highest temperatures in both Victoria and Western Australia. The records go back much further though with New South Wales having its highest temperature recorded all the way back in 1877.

Here is the published Australian temperature record from the same Bureau of Meteorology, which now starts in 1910 (how convenient)

The Records go back way further but by in large a google search of records start at 1910

Here is an in-depth look at Aussies hot past based on actual records and NewsPaper articles on the heat of the past.

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