History does repeat, The Split Enz were wrong

Even though there is a drive to re-write NZ history to ignore fact, well pretty much all facts in general; eg there now being a penchant to ignore the fact that the Maori weren’t first here, kept other tribes as slaves and then ate them and their dogs when they ceased to have a use for them, or just got hungry.  World History in general still has some very salient messages NZ should not ignore. 

A number of astute political observers liken the current Labour led parliament to that of the old first past to post shambles of the Muldoon era.  Given the clear majority Labour have such observations re their use of power, or misuse of power depending on your viewpoint, are indeed sound (one need only look at the Muldoon like Debt mountain being created by GR)

Some more radical observers have likened the current regime as being more akin to a Socialist Dictatorship than a democracy, with a number of more radical observers even likening the way in which due process is being subverted as being more akin to Nazi Germany.

By way of comparison the following narrative was produced to either prod cognitive processes or provide a comedic and derisive list of the best thoughts of your every day run of the mill conspiracy theorist.

Rise to power

  • Labour has risen to power through holding the leading stake in a democratically elected minority coalition. 
  • The National Socialists also rose to power through holding the leading stake in a democratically elected minority coalition

Consolidation of the Press

  • Recently with the tacit support of central government RNZ and TVNZ announced an intention to merge.
  • From 1929 to 1934 using acquisitions, forced mergers and out right bribes, Goebbels managed to consolidate all major press organisations in order to better control Propaganda.

Use of the P word…

  • JA recently expressed concern that one of the returnees had clearly not understood the Governments Covid propaganda
  • Obviously Goebbels is synonymous with the term.


  • In 1933 the Reichstag was set on fire and Goebbels utilised this event to instil fear into the German population allowing ‘emergency’ powers exercised by parliament.
  • While JA did not invent Covid she has certainly used the fear of Covid to advance social agendas, hiding amidst the ‘noise’ of Covid (the cost and social damage of many of these which are presently immeasurable). 

Fiscal oversight

  • In 1933 Goering removed the financial oversight committee in Germany.
  • In May 2020 Grant Robertson removed the financial oversight committee.

Quantitative easing

  • Hjalmar Schacht a vehement Nazi between 1933 and 1935 completed a programme of QE to ‘protect’ the domestic economy.
  • New Zealand completed a similar project during lockdown and perhaps only succeeded (or didn’t fail) as the rest of the world printed disproportionately more money

Debt escalation

  • Up to 1927 and again from 1933 to 1935 Germany borrowed sums in excess of one third of its GDP (a New Deal benchmark – which also failed the USA) to fund internal infrastructure projects and to keep the population ‘employed’.
  • New Zealand has incurred more debt, using the same failed ‘new deal multiplier’ in the last 12 months than it can repay in 3 working generations.

Dob your neighbour in

  • NZ introduced a helpline to Dob your neighbour in if they did not comply with the Covid Regulations
  • The Dob the Jew in is well documented
  • Seemingly an innocuous change in culture but it is exactly how seemingly ‘good’ people dobbed in as many as one third of all Jews in.  (But it can’t happen in NZ – but it did)

Ein Volk

  • Pretty clear massage
  • Team of 5M

Socialism has failed time and time again (sorry Grant and Jacinda) – I know Grant studied this at Uni but that’s why no takes those papers seriously – perhaps we should have because someone believes what they read. 

National Socialism has failed time and time again, the concern is how the ‘junta’ scrabbles to keep the dream alive and, who and how they hurt their populace in the meantime.

When preparing this list the authors stressed the event, not the outcome was to be considered.  Only post war history tells us the Jews went to concentrations camps.  Many Germans, right up to the end thought the Jews were just being removed from Germany with no thought to their demise (testament to the power of Proganda).  

I guess we each need to examine our individual and in 2023 our collective consciences to decide what we do next.

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