How about all those Hurricane’s

One of things that you often hear when you are debating climate issues is that storms are getting more common, when you point out that they are not, they then say they are more intense. However, we have been able to measure total storm intensity since the late 70’s and there is no trend in increase or decrease. Just a change year on year so the only way we can really judge them is on the impact they have on us.

So are hurricanes actually becoming worse? Of the ten deadliest Pacific cyclones, nine occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM. Two of the ten deadliest occurred in 1881. The third deadliest occurred in 1780, and killed 100,000 people.

Template:Deadliest typhoons – Wikipedia

The deadliest Atlantic hurricane also occurred in 1780. Of the ten deadliest Atlantic hurricanes, nine occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM, and three occurred during the Revolutionary War.

List of Atlantic hurricane records – Wikipedia

The deadliest cyclone of all occurred in 1970, and killed half a million people.

1970 Bhola cyclone – Wikipedia

Imagery like this from Florida is shown over and over again on television, and linked to rising carbon dioxide concentrations.

But how many young people know about the 1900 Galveston hurricane, which killed 10,000 people and destroyed the city?

Or the 1926 hurricane, which destroyed Miami?

Or the 1815 New England Hurricane?

It is safe bet that school children aren’t being taught about this, but are instead being exposed to  Nobel laureate Al Gore’s sci-fi flick. Ten years ago, Gore released a book with the satellite imagery below, showing lots of hurricanes including one off the east coast of the United States which was circulating the wrong direction (clockwise) for the Northern Hemisphere. This sort of  junk science and fakery is what school children have been taught as science.

link below to Tony Heller’s page for more great info like this

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