How are the sanctions on Russia working out?

Firstly looking at the Ruble it is now trading higher against the USD than prior to the war.

What is clear is the Russian economy is stabilising regardless of the Sanctions while Europe faces massive challenges.

Russia has had a bit of a surge in income from high volumes of sales and the increase price of oil and gas. Germany is buying as much gas as it can to try and fill their reserves in case of a lengthy war..

Poland and Bulgaria refused the Rubles for gas deal so got shut off, but the EU has announced it is buying extra gas in Rubles so no doubt this will go to the Poles and Bulgarians energy needs.

Meanwhile Ukraine is trying to expand the war with drone and terror attacks in Transnitria and Russia.

How long can they keep arming Ukraine?

While the US is depleting it’s oil stocks to bolster the EU, it is also depleting it’s weapons stockpile by sending them to the war effort. At the current rate their stockpile could be depleted in 6 months..

Is this all by design or just complete stupidity?

With the majority of the western population foaming at the mouth to beat up on Russians, it is at least partially by design.

When the UK Gallery is renaming art because it has the word Russia in it and Russian trees are not allowed to enter the tree of the year competitions. We know we are creating a fraction to much friction

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