How clever will we feel when we are forced to sanction China?

We were warned to not put too many eggs in the China basket, but the juggernaut economy has become a crucial trade partner to NZ.

With the media and politicians back to pulling the wool over our eyes, this time with what is really going on in Ukraine, the majority of the western populations are screaming to kick Putins arse.

With a global war now virtually a fait accompli, we are on the edge of sanctions being broadened to countries that will not denounce Russia.

China is next but their reaction will no doubt be a little more aggressive than Russias.

This global initiative to create a global war front shows It was never about Ukraine, this is an excuse to disrupt Russia and those standing in the way of globalism and the dominance of the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency..

So the big question is, what happens to New Zealand gravy train which is our trade with China.

China is the largest purchaser of New Zealand goods and services by quite a large factor. In fact China takes as much of New Zealand products than the total of our next four largest trading partners combined.

They take a third of all our exports.

The next largest is Australia at 13%, the USA at 11%, Japan at 5.9% and South Korea at 3.2%

How do we fair if we are told to sanction China and 33% of our exports are put at risk.

But everyone is too busy letting the MSM drive them towards supporting a World War in the name of those poor Ukrainians and Zelenski the modern day Churchill.

Give yourself a big pat on the back if you are on the “Russia bad“ train, no doubt you were an Orange man bad” train and the “globalism is good” train.

We can only wait and see what our globalists overlords tell little old Aotearoa to do to stop those nasty Ruskies and it’s allies.

It also looks like being neutral isn’t an option this time around either. Just look at Imran Kahn about to be ousted out of his prime ministership for daring to stay neutral.

Another regime change at the hands of the enforces at the White House. Imran Kahn says he has the proof this was US meddling in Pakistan politics, but surely the USA wouldn’t meddle in other countries elections… no never.

So who will win this global Cold War we are entering. No one is my bet.

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