How F’d up is F’d up?

If you only watch one thing to educate yourself and counter the propaganda coming from the MSM right now, watch the 25 minute video below

While the world (well the western world) stand in solidarity with Ukraine , some of you might want to do some learning of the history of the area and what you are supporting.

The West armed Neo Nazi’s to overthrow a democratically elected leader (yes he was corrupt) but let that sink in, the Nazi’s were armed to do the Wests dirty work. Since that time 16,000 Russians have been killed by “unofficial” military action carried out by Nazi thugs on Donetsk region..

And if you think nationalists are a minority in the area there are some clues as to how many there are. Firstly, there is more than one Nationalist political parties in Ukraine, including the largest political party which is a neo Nazi lite version to make it more socially acceptable (to the west) . On top of that there are full blown Nazi party’s.

Yes Zelensky is Jewish but this doesn’t mean that the place is really run by the Nationalist thugs as you will learn from this fully referenced report on the Nazi’s in Ukraine.

Just remember that Stepan Bandera is a national hero they have streets and stadiums named after him. There is a fun fact at the 20:19 in the video

Must Watch video on how Nazi is the Ukraine exactly.

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