How long before Ardern is writing cheques her political capital can not cash?

The last election should almost be nullified due to the frenzy of temporary madness the nation found itself in with yet another over sensationalized issue

Don’t get me wrong the virus is real. The danger is obvious to those who are in aged care facilities. However for 95% of the population if you get infected you get zero to mild flu like symptoms. I’m not sure you can really call it a pandemic if you look at that stats a little more closely.

This didn’t stop the media, who are always hungry for a crises, it didn’t stop them fueling the fear of god into those who live their life through the spin emanating from our media outlets.

Then we had the computer modeler Shaun Hendy tell us 80,000 people where going to die and the job was done. everyone got spooked, the country got shut down and Ardern was a hero because she held off the greatest threat in our living memory.

The only issue is it is not the greatest threat, in fact it isn’t a health threat at all to by far the majority of the population. Economically it is a different story but the health crises it is not the dire issue it has been made out to be..

People are still wound up in a tizzy even though the more we learn aboutCOVID-19, the testing for it with PCR tests and people who actually die from it. The more we are learning it is yet another over exaggerated and freedom removing pollical scam.

We now know that 6% of infections died from the virus. These are the real tragadies and what makes the virus a genuine concerne. One to stop the world? Definately not but a genuine health issue.

Two thirds of the deaths died from complications of the infection, this is predominantly the aged care facilities where people in their final months have caught it and perished from the side effects of CORONA-19. And then one third had the virus but it was in no way responsible for their death.

If we add these numbers to the official death toll we have something that doesn’t even resemble a pandemic like the Spanish flu. We have something more akin to a bad flu season.

As at todays date 2,609, 039 have perished from the Novel Virus. However take 6% of this gives us 156,542. However we will add to this those who CORONA was the final straw and you have 1,718,005. with an median age of close to 80.

Lets compare this to the Spanish flue the graph below shows the comparison between age groups and mortality per 100,000 in the USA for both the 1918 flu and the current pandemic.

As you can see, there was no age group that didn’t get affected by the influenza virus and the mortality in infants was as high as the very old. This has the added issue when looking at years of life lost.

There will be a time in the coming months when the media will find something else to make us panic about and the virus will be just another reality lie every other bug that can kill the weak. People think that hospitals being overrun is a rare event but many places have over crowded emergency rooms in the flu season. When Covid stops being a paraded death toll on our screens every day. And more is revealed about how NZ got lucky not well managed there may well be a few people who in a state of temporary insanity gave Labour the sole charge of our economy.

This day may not be next month or even this year but I think it will arrive well before the next election.

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