How many is too many Executive Orders?

Trump was widely criticised for hitting the ground running when he signed 4 executive orders in his first week. He was called a tyrannical dictator among a plethora of other things by the horrified media.

Obama signed 5 executive orders in his first week.

Biden, in his first 5 days, has signed 21 executive orders. Not to be outdone by this flurry of scribbling his name on presidential orders, he promptly broke the order he had just put in place by not wearing a mask on Federal Property. The very order he had just signed into law.

He has signed a total of 31 presidential decrees before his first week was up.

No calls of tyrannical leadership or of him acting like a dictator. He will no doubt be praised for being busy undoing all that damage Trump did.

Estimates are that Biden has cost in access of 1,000,000 jobs with the decisions he has been making and it seems there are a few people who voted for or endorsed the presidential run of Biden, that are now not too happy.

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