How much are they lying to us?

We will soon be subjected to a propaganda campaign on wearing masks.

Medical professionals have known for years masks are useless against respiratory virus infections.

That’s why they have all been caught out flip flopping on this one.

The science never changed just the narrative

Michael Baker is a liar and here is the proof in the video below. Thanks for sharing Ild Micky Blue Eyes.

Is it just one little lie, or a total fabrication to justify poor decision making or worse a calculated plan?

There has been no shortage of studies proving masks are no good. Even the study that the Government is hanging the mask wearing on has more credible data in the non effectiveness than benefits.

There are plenty of sound bytes that just have t aged well for the politicians and medical advisors.

They have two choices admit they were wrong g or escalate the lies.

I guess we know which one they will choose

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